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School Day

The main times in the school day are:



8.30 am

Morning Registration

2.00 pm

 Afternoon Registration / Assembly

8.45 am

Period 1

2.30 pm

 Period 5

9.45 am

Period 2

3.30 pm

 End of Afternoon

10.45 am

Morning Break


 Start of after-school activities and meetings

11.10 am

Period 3



12.10 pm

Period 4



1.10 pm






We run a two week timetable, Odd week and Even week, which corresponds with the relevant week number. Start Week 1 = odd, Week 2 = Even


We expect our students to arrive in school on time at 8.30am. If they arrive after 8.35am, they are recorded as ‘late’. If they arrive after 9.15am, they are marked ‘absent’ for at least the morning session.  Any students arriving late and they have clearly missed registration must sign in at the school office. Tutors do have some discretion where lateness is unusual and could not be avoided. Students who have two or more ‘lates’ in one week are kept behind on Thursday afterschool in a Head of House detention from 3.30pm–4.30pm. Failure to attend this results in a Leadership detention the next day for one and half hours the following day until 5pm. Failure to attend this detention will result in a day in the Student Learning Centre.